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Why Meerkats?

Everybody loves meerkats.  But not many of us know just how remarkable these 'Kats really are - and how much they can teach us about safety.

As a species, Meerkats should never have survived at all. They're tiny vulnerable creatures that live in an incredibly hostile environment full of savage predators.
The fact they do thrive is down to a single extraordinary talent: their ability to cooperate.  And that's at the heart of this programme…

The footage was shot on location in the Kalahari Desert (Namibia, South Africa) by Simon King, the award-winning BBC cameraman who captured the hearts and minds of viewers with the hugely popular BBC Wildlife series, 'Big Cat's Diary'.

Carefully adapted to safety training, this stunning footage is brought into context by the vocal talents of Olivier Award Winner Toby Jones.

All For One - The Meerkat Way will grab the attention of your trainees, make them smile and show them just how much we can all learn from some of the cleverest little creatures on the planet.  

Why Meerkats?
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