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Founded in 2006, Lattitude is a company with the combined wealth of over forty years experience in making innovative training films and delivering memorable safety training.

The company was established by leading Behavioural Safety Consultant Martin Woodall and Training Film Producer Rob Coyle. Our aim is quite simply to produce training films that we feel people will enjoy using towards achieving their training objectives.

Martin worked for ICI for over for twenty years and has been a consultant for ten years working with clients ranging from Coca Cola to Centrica to Pilkington. He is valued by clients for his fun, passionate and inspired presentations.

Rob Coyle has worked in the training film industry for over twenty years originally with John Cleese at Video Arts. Together with the award winning Corus Videolink team he has produced some of the most popular safety training titles of the past decade including the Ken Woodward series of films.

Lattitude Productions endeavours to embrace new technology as well as creating material that is both reliable and accessible.

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