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"Terrific and well-made. It hits the mark"
Gerry McStravick, Dupont
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"Absolutely fantastic. It blew me away. Unlike most safety programmes this can be used with all staff, from all environments."
George Sandercock, Pfizer

"A fantastic package that will encourage organisations to improve their safety culture"
Dr Janet Asherson, CBI
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all for one the meerkat way is a safety training film that aims to improve safety culture and encourage safe behaviours.  meerkat safety is a unique example of the safety instinct in the animal kingdom.  all for one - the meerkat way, concentrates on teamwork, communication, interdependence and the safety instinct.  teamwork within meerkats is key to their survival and communication between meerkats ensures their interdependent culture is constantly maintained, to the highest standard.  all for one - the meerkat way is the leading cultural change safety training package on the health and safety market.  all for one the meerkat way is used by over 1000 companies, worldwide.